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Atlas Festival 2023


Work produced at

Art Direction / Branding / Design

Art direction, branding, and identity design for the second year of Atlas Festival, an Animation, Gaming, and VFX Festival in Portugal that seeks to build bridges and engage in serious discussions about education and work in this field. The initiative brought together seven of the most prominent national and international professionals who performed very interesting conferences and workshops. For the second year in a row, Atlas received two awards at Clube da Criatividade Portugal: Silver in Craft Digital/Motion Graphics and Bronze in Digital/Craft Digital > Digital Art Direction.


Creative Directior: César Furtado
Art Director: João Turvo
Design: João Turvo
Producer: Elsa Lourenço
Illustration: Daniel Januário, Tiago Gomes
Motion Designer: João Deus, Rui Cipriano
Web developer: Luis Catalo

Sound Designer / Compositor: Cristiano De Petrillo