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Type / Illustration / Animation

Know what it's like when you want someone? When you really... really... want someone?
For Stewart MacLennan nobody describes that feeling better than Alejandra Smits in her poem "Rom-Com". So he made a film about it, featuring lots of different voices, but one universal theme: desire.

Silver Award in Motion Design at Clube da Criatividade Portugal.


Original Poem Written by: Alejandra Smits
Director: Stewart Maclennan
Edited: Logan Triplett
NYC Talent Directed and Shot: Frankie Cavalcanti
Color Grading: RKM Studios

Animation & Design: Dialogue
Music & Sound Design: Jolin Ras

Dialogue Team

Creative Direction: César Furtado
Producer: Elsa Lourenço

Compositing: João Deus
Illustration & Typography: Daniel Januário, João Deus, João Turvo
Animation: Daniel Januário, João Turvo, João Deus, Rui Cipriano

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